MIR logoJourneys to Legendary Destinations at the Crossroads of Europe and Asia

New York to San Francisco: April 13 - 27, 2011

Beijing to Paris: June 3 - July 23, 2011

On the international leg of this epic overland auto adventure, we take care of the details and leave the driving to you. Fly to Beijing to meet your cars while we set up the arrangements involved in having them inspected and licensed to meet international requirements. Visit the classic sites of Beijing while the cars are undergoing customs formalities. Drive off into the sunset towards your ultimate destination, Paris, stopping each night at fascinating cities and towns across China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe. Comfortable hotel rooms wait ahead of you and rescue vehicles follow behind. A challenging and exciting road rally, this one-of-a-kind journey will demonstrate - to you and everyone else - what you and your car are made of.

The international portion of the journey has been organized by MIR Corporation, a tour operator with over 20 years of logistical experience. Learn more about us and the trip at the FAQ page

Route Map

World Race Route Map

US Itinerary

Days 1-15: USA

International Itinerary
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Days 1-22: China
Days 29-39: Russia
Days 23-28: Kazakhstan
Days 40-51: Europe