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The World Race 2011 continues to spread across all media outlets - both across the United States and around the world! This page represents only a snapshot of the radio, television, print and web interviews involving the World Race 2011 and it's participants.

For additional media than what is highlighted here, be sure to check out the World Race 2011 elsewhere on the web, facebook, twitter, and everything in between! (please note all links will open in a new window)

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USA Today - China
China Story Page on World Race 2011 Read
  The Luxist
World Race 2011 Recreates Historic 1908 New York
To Paris Race Read
Times Square:Crossroads of the World
History always finds a way to repeat itself. Read
  National Geographic
Historic Race Hits the Road Again Read
WISN ABC Channel 12
Hearst Broadcasting Interview with Jerry Price Watch
  Gateway Canyons Host Stop on World Race 2011
Colorado's Gateway Canyons Hosts the World Race Read
Resort plans pit stop for global automitive race Read
The Long Road to Paris
Locals participating in an around-the-world rally... Read
  Price Team Racing Radio Inverview WAPL Radio
Jerry Price leads the World Race 2011 Listen
Vanderbilt Cup Races
Blog Article on The World Race 2011 Read
  Speedster Antique Automobile Club of America
Newsletter Article

Published in the January 2011 Issue
In October 2010, the winner of the grueling 1098 New York to Paris Race, George Schuster, was inducted into the.... Entire Article
Corvette Magazine
Interview Publishes in January 2011 issue
  Chronos Magazine
Interview Publishes Jan/Feb 2011 Issue Read Article
Press Release 1-6-2011
The World Race 2011 is not a speed race. it is a timed, accuracy, solution based adventure. Teams will be scored... Read Release
  Press Release 12-28-2011
Wanted: Extreme Drivers for World Race 2011. International Road Rally to Emulate 1908 New York to Paris Auto Race... Read Release
Racer Interview 12-28-2011
Naples resident entered in car race around the world... Read More

The World Race 2011 dates announced
The World Race 2011 milestone event from New York to Paris has been rescheduled for April 14th 2011, after being postponed from its original starting date, and has been renamed The World Race 2011!

The commemorative re-run of the 1908 New York-to-Paris “Great Race” is widely considered to be one of the most remarkable automotive adventures of the 20th century, an automobile race from New York to Paris before the advent of today’s modern highways and gas stations.

The Great Race 2008: New York to Paris and related events was originally scheduled to begin on May 30, 2008 in New York City but was postponed after the Chinese government revoked travel permits for foreigners traveling throughout the country following demonstrations in Tibet and surrounding the Olympic Torch Run.

New York Times Reporter to Ride Along and
Document World Race 2011

10/23/10 World Race 2011: Honoring Pioneer Automobilist George Schuster

Pioneering “automobilist” George Schuster, who drove to victory in the 1908 New York to Paris Race, was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame on.... Read Article

Press Release 2-11
Theme song for World Race 2011 has been released by... Read
  Press Release 2-11
Bobby Keyes and Mike Ryan join the world race in... Read
Times-Union Newspaper interview
Native Warsawans To Take Part In Historic Race Read



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